Thursday, January 19, 2012

No More Naza Blade Next Year, Naza Wont Bring it Anymore

They already brought in few magelli bikes since 2010. Since then they were R&D (?) the magelli bikes to be suited in our local weather and environment. You can go to Naza Shah Alam and see these bikes eating dust in the garage. Only sometimes they will bring out and test ride it.

The only things that hold them back from selling this magelli bikes are they haven't got the permission to re-badge these magelli bikes into naza bikes, and also the issues with custom regarding the APs.

But one thing for sure is that Naza won't sell Blade anymore after this, since they don't want to continue their contracts with Hyosung this year.  

They still sell it until the last stocks that they can manufacture, only that if anytime soon Hyosung got a new Blade model, Naza won't bring it anymore.