Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Iphone Screen Cracked!

This is my first time, to deal with broken screen on my phone. I thought i have to buy new digitizer and home screen button as it not functioning too. Now my phone is really like an only a Maxis Broadband. I only use it as Modem for internet tethering. How dissapointed i was, i cant live without my cell phone! Someone knew the best shop with lowest price please inform me, area KL. Thanks :D


Mardhiyyah Ridzuan said...

Bukan ke Iphone tu r main probs die. Screen phone crack n home screen button xfunction. My bro pun gitu, tp manage pki smpi today. My sis plak iphone mati gelap tibe2.

Farhan Razak said...

hurm, tu pasal. hp ni x jatuh atau terhentak, tp die jadi tetibe je. ade org kata masalah dgn power supply,power x stabil. tp tu lah maintenance die kan~ nk buat cmne. :D