Monday, January 16, 2012

MINDEF uses Google Translate for their docs? Do they use Google Maps for their security and intelligence? For Spying? huhaa

 Lets check out what people said ;

"No one FORCED you to use Google Translate, MINDEF. Take responsibility for your actions!"
Jangan pakai baju yang "poke the eye
"Anyone want to investigate how much MINDEF spent on their website using something like Google Translate?"

"Kami masih mendepang tangan kepada MINDEF untuk hire kitorang jadi TRANSLATOR. Jgn pakai GOOGLE TRANSLATE"

"Mindef blames Google Translate for 'poke-eye' blunder"

"MINDEF got the concept "Google before you post something" wrong."

"Zahid Hamidi, ANY idiot knows Google Translate does not provide accurate translations. Is a 5 year-old in charge of the MINDEF website?"

"Mindef blames Google Translate" wei, don't tell me no one in your ministry knows English -.-
"Nevermind, it's not as bad as MINDEF and MOE. haha"

Lets check out what Mindef published on their website ;

How to dress symbolizes the personality of the officers and staff as well as the values and moral work ethics.Therefore, how to dressclean, tidy and appropriate to be standard practice is emphasized to the officers and staff. Following rules of dress while on duty in tobserved:

Dress code FOR MEN

Men's Clothing:

i) For officers in the management and professional, "Lounge Suite" or "Bush's jacket 

ii) long pants with long sleeved shirt and tie  

iii) complete with Malay dress clothes and bersongkok bersamping dark. 

iv) Officers in the management and professional to wear a neck strap / cap / corporate scarves every Wednesday and the officithe Ministry.

v) long-sleeved shirts and T-shirt:

a) collared shirts and tight Malay civet berbutang three 

b) collared shirts and tight Malay civet berbutang five
c) hidden berbutang Nehru collar, 
d) three berbutang mandarin collar. 
e) long pants. Do not fold your sleeves. Shirts must be included in(tuck in).
f) Nehru suits made of fabrics and colors to suit:
 i) forward berbutang
 ii) hidden berbutang


Dress code FOR WOMEN

Women's Clothing:

1. Appropriate clothing and worn neatly and politely in line with the practice of noble character. 

2. Clothes that are allowed are as follows:

a) baju kurung

b) T-shirt and a loose blouse with exquisite
c) long-sleeved shirts and skirts with exquisite
d) National Dress by race 
e) Shine closed
f) Wearing jewelry or accessories are simple and suitable only
The dress code is not allowed in the work: 
a) Dress up that thought it seems to want to attend a party or picnic
b) Clothes that poke eye
c) 'jeans' or 'slacks' 
d) Short Pants 
e) Clothes that cover their face
f) sports shoes and slippers 
g) hair dye
h) Suits (except in circumstances that require such work to outside)
i) long pants and blouse (for women)

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